Back to Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival

Queen’s Birthday weekend celebrated the 150th birthday of Australia’s renowned “Poet of the People” as Henry Lawson was known and the 60th anniversary of the Henry Lawson Festival in Grenfell the place of his birth.

Grenfell was also the place of the birth of JB’s father Arthur John Booth and family so it was naturally a sentimental journey time for JB and Ulrike.

We stayed with cousin Ron Booth at his house “Roseville” on the site where his father George Alfred Booth was born directly opposite the entrance to Henry Lawson Park where Henry was born 150 years ago.

Naturally one of the first places visited was the Henry Lawson memorial in Main Street Grenfell where the Henry Lawson bust is featured sculptured by former Ryde dentist Dr Phil Rasmussen who is married to Lois nee Johnson of Grenfell, pictured right.

We were at the unveiling of the bust ten years ago commemorating the 50th Henry Lawson Festival. Tara Moss the author, model and actress was the celebrity guest of honour at this year’s Festival.

CANADA BAY is celebrating Henry Lawson’s birthday this Sunday at Henry Lawson Park Abbotsford Parade claiming Henry spent much of his lifetime in the area.

JB at the Henry Lawson memorial in Main Street Grenfell with the Henry Lawson bust sculptured by former Ryde dental surgeon Dr Phil Rasmussen. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.