Child safety a risk in Gladesville

CHILDREN’S safety is at risk from speeding drivers in High Street, Gladesville and residents have urged the City of Ryde Council to do something about it.

Residents spoke at the last council meeting in December where they rejected a council proposal to erect no stopping signs on one side of the street.

They spoke of the fear they have of children being hit by speeding motorists who use High Street as “a rat run” from Boronia Park to Ryde and have called for stop signs and speed humps as an alternative.

“We feel no stopping signs will not slow down the traffic and you (the council) are actually making High Street a runway,” resident Teresa Gallo said.

“We suggest a roundabout or stop signs on High Street, but line markings will not change a thing.”

Resident Salvatore Mattera rubbished the no stopping proposal.

“The only thing that keeps down the speed is the parked cars and when the cars are not there we get high speeds,” he said.

The Casamento family agreed – a spokesman said: “They want to put no stopping signs but there have been near misses and with no stopping signs it will become a speedway with a lot of traffic coming of Thompson Street and Pittwater Road.”

The council will review residents comments. In other news, children from Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School in Gladesville are at risk from a illegally parked cars and an overgrown tree, says local resident Jean Pierre Laurant.

Mr Laurent recently wrote to Clr Roy Maggio on the possibility of council at Eltham Street and Westminster Street.

“Due to the amount of traffic and school zone a bottle Brush tree and large trucks parked in this residential street block adequate safe view access from cars speeding down the street and the drivers are unaware that
there is a school around the corner,” Mr Laurent said.

“The people at 4A Westminster cannot safely exit their property because of this tree and illegal large trucks and unregistered vehicles blocking their view and cars not slowing down for the school zone.

“In light of the school tragedy that happened at a school in Banksia this needs to be actioned by council immediately.”

Mr Laurent wants the council to introduce and enforce a resident’s only permit parking scheme.

“It needs to make this street immediately for permit holders at two permits per household as some houses here have 12 to 15 cars parked on the street,” he said.