Education Feature: Marist College Eastwood

Marist College art tribute to great women

ART from 24 of the most talented students at Marist College, Eastwood will tour galleries across NSW next year.

The works include Year 12 student Daniel Ironside’s tribute to famous women in history (pictured) titled ‘Miss Interpretation’ which has been selected for the prestigious Art Express exhibition.

Daniel is also expected to be interviewed by The University of Arts in London with the aim of offering a sculpture admission.

Marist College Art Teacher Danielle Spurr told The Weekly Times that ‘Miss Interpretation’ will be one of many student works exhibited at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery and the Glasshouse Port Macquarie.

‘This year the College was exceptionally fortunate to have 24 students who are outstanding artists,’ Ms Spurr said.

‘They chose their own form and did sculpture, drawing, photography and even one kinetic work from a student who is a robot enthusiast.’

Top results all round for Marist Eastwood students

MARIST College Eastwood has again achieved outstanding academic results in 2017.

These began last term when the NAPLAN results were released earlier in the year.

They follow the pattern of recent years with results being well above the state average whilst also showing significant growth.

82.5 per cent of Year 9 students had greater than or equal to expected learning growth in Reading;

The percentage of students at Marist College Eastwood achieving Band 10 in Grammar and Punctuation in 2017 is almost double 2016 and almost triple 2015;

The percentage of students achieving Band 10 in Numeracy is double the State percentage;

Year 9 scored above CEC or State in all aspects of the test;

The percentage of Year 9 students at proficiency is above the state in all aspects of the test, with Reading and Numeracy more than 20 per cent above State;

The percentage of Year 9 students performing below national minimum standards is very low (less than 3 per cent) and lower than the State in all aspects of the test.

The College is proud of what their boys have achieved.

Marist is a comprehensive school; accepting and catering for boys of all abilities.

Nevertheless, with the support of their teachers, and as a result of their own consistent efforts, they have displayed their true potential. They will continue to monitor trend data in NAPLAN to assess the efficacy of their pedagogical practices as part of their continuous improvement approach to learning and teaching at the college.

The 2017 HSC results that were released last week further highlighted the academic success of the college.

They provided affirmation of the great work done by staff in preparing their boys for assessment and examinations.

What is particularly important to note is the consistency in which the College now achieves in the top two bands.

They continue to score well in Bands 5 and 6.

The College achieved 63 Band 6s and 218 Band 5s this year and this reaffirms the College’s position as a high performing comprehensive school .

Overall 89 per cent of subjects were above State average with 77 per cent of students receiving a Band 5 and / or Band 6 in one or more subjects.

Principal Mark Woolfood complimented both teachers and students at the recent Academic Awards night when he said:

“Our academic results cap off a wonderful year for the college.

The achievements from the Class of 2017 continue the trend of strong results at Marist College Eastwood.

I acknowledge the hard work and commitment of our students, excellent and committed teaching, and the support of the boys’ families.

Our focus on placing the right students, in the right courses at the right levels continues to influence our solid results.

Such levels of achievement also testify to Marist College Eastwood’s approach; that every student is encouraged and assisted to be the very best that they can be in a supportive and nurturing community.

Marist College Eastwood Principal Mark Woolford pictured with two of the schoolÕs high achievers – Rhys Jennings who received an ATAR of 99.94 and placed first in the Sydney Archdiocese in English Extension 1 and Jacob Moses who placed first in the Archdiocese in Software Design. Other meritorious achievers were Keita Sugimoto, who placed first in Japanese in Context; James Malloy first in Spanish Beginners and Andrew Cantrill (a Year 11 accelerated student) who scored 100 per cent in 2 Unit Mathematics and also placed first in the Diocese.