Harbour Allure wins People’s Choice award

SPECTACULAR harbourside sculpture “Allure” by Rozanna Carbon and Elizabeth Oomens has won the AGL People’s Choice Award Outside Winner at the Hunters Hill Harbour Sculpture exhibition.

The winner of the AGL People’s Choice Award Inside Winner is “Boris”; a sculptured water dragon created by Wendy Black

Linda Bell from the Harbour Sculpture described the ceramic, stainless steel, recycled timber and sand sculpture “Allure” as evocative and emotionally uplifting.

“This collaborative external work is a massive school of good natured fish swims playfully around a boat on Sydney Harbour and for the moment bonds with two women who are in turn relishing the opportunity to commune with nature,” the artists said.

“The bathing babes are confident with their bodies, cheeky and independent.

“Their charisma and Joy is palpable and as they lure fish into their canoe.

“Allure is a sculpture designed to evoke an uplifting emotional response.

Uniquely Australian, it represents the joyous interaction of people on Sydney Harbour, an integral part of our way of life.”

Wendy Black’s “Boris” was made from wire, twine, wool and paint.

“My inspiration comes from the natural world around me,” she said.

“For a number of years, we had a beautiful eastern water dragon who lived in our garden and pool and had a particular liking for tomatoes.

“He knew when they were ready before I did but I was very happy to share.

“This is my tribute to Boris and all the other water dragons who are struggling to live alongside us.”

HarbourSculpture 2017 features well more than 100 sculptures created by some of Australia’s most recognised artists.

Linda, an accomplished Sydney sculptor, said event organisers and visitors have been thrilled by year-to-year growth in numbers and diversity of visitors.

“This not-for-profit community organisation, is dedicated to fostering contemporary art through its annual exhibition, which is expected to attract 30,000 plus visitors this year.

“We cater for all ages, including school groups, college students, art lovers, senior citizens and the curious.

“The support of our generous sponsors means we can award prizes.”

Spectacular Harbour Sculpture “Allure” at Clarke’s Point, Woolwich. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO