The Powerful Owl & Friends!

Rally this Sunday at Byles Creek Valley, Beecroft

A public rally has been called for 3.30pm this Sunday to help save Mikey the Powerful Owl and friends at Byles Creek Valley, Beecroft.

A developer started unauthorised destruction of the local habitat on Friday with machinery and chainsaws and destroyed 22 trees before Hornsby Council officers intervened and stopped further destruction following complaints from local residents.

Hornsby Deputy Mayor Michael Hutchence says that the developer will be prosecuted for illegal clearing of Byles Creek Valley and the matter will be referred to Council’s solicitors.

Rally will be held starting 3.30pm to 4.30pm near 79 – 87 Malton Road Beecroft in the vicinity of the Byles Creek Valley bushland home of Mikey the Powerful Owl and a variety of native animals and birdlife and flora and fauna. All welcome.