Horse riding team thank generous sponsors

The team at Riding For The Disabled and sponsors. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

MARSFIELD’S Riding For the Disabled Centre is celebrating three years of support from the Ryde Business Forum.

“This is the third year that members and friends of RBF now Riverside Business Chamber have sponsored riding lessons for
special needs children from Arranounbai School, French’s Forest,” the team said.

“This greatly assists the families of the children, who would otherwise be unable to fund the riding lessons, given
the high cost of raising and caring for a special needs child.

“Horse riding provides the children with a wonderful release from classroom activity, and the smile on their faces, when riding one of the RDA horses, makes every cent of the sponsor funding worthwhile.

“The reward to us is immeasurable. This year, we had eight sponsors supporting 4 children per semester.

“In 2018 we look forward to individuals and businesses once again offering their support.”