To The Point with Helen Schmid

Learn communication and leadership skills with Toastmasters

IS BECOMING more confident with public speaking on your bucket list? It had always been one of many things I wanted to do, so in 2014 I decided to tick this one off my list!

Even though many people have heard of Toastmasters they may not realise that it is a nonprofit educational organisation
where members learn communication and leadership skills by practising public speaking in a warm and friendly environment.

I decided to attend a few meetings at Parramatta Toastmasters to see what it involved and eventually decided to do the Speechcraft course. This is an intensive course over four to six weeks where I had to prepare a number of speeches in quick succession and by the end of the course, I felt confident to do this well without that horrible anxious feeling.

In May 2016, I joined my local club Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters which meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the Hunters Hill Club. I have met some great and interesting people, had lots of fun while also gaining further skills and confidence in a friendly and supportive environment.

Whether your goal is to give a great Toast at a family function such as a wedding or to present at an international conference, Toastmasters will enable you to gain the skills to do this with confidence.

We welcome new members! Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters club offers the opportunity to improve your confidence and speaking skills in dealing with a variety of day to day situations. We provide a mutually supportive environment that allows you to learn how to speak in public with clarity and wit as you become more assertive and confident.

By participating in HHH Toastmasters you can realise dramatic improvements in many areas of your life. In your career: Your
communication with your employer and colleagues will become more effective and productive as you learn to speak up
with confidence, ease and clarity.

In your relationships: Interactions with family and friends will be easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.

* * *

SPEECHCRAFT is a short course designed to teach public speaking and leadership skills. The Speechcraft courses are primarily intended for people who need to quickly enhance presentation skills whilst boosting their self confidence.

You will learn how to: Organise, prepare and deliver an effective speech; construct and supply an answer to an impromptu question; gain audience attention with an effective opening, body and conclusion; introduce a speaker in a professional manner; effectively project your voice, use gestures, and body language; keep those butterflies flying in formation by controlling nerves and be dynamic by knowing the needs of your audience.

Next Speechcraft course will start on Wednesday, January 31. Please view our website for further details and to book a place.