‘Pray hope & don’t worry’ Padre Pio Prayer Group

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the opportunity to inform your readers about our Padre Pio Prayer Group (The Weekly Times February 7).

As a community group which seeks to pray for and with those in need, the opportunity to reach out to the wider community through your newspaper has been invaluable, not just to our group but to those in the wider community in need of prayerful solidarity.

The feedback we received in response to the article has been positive and through your diverse readership has already contributed to the effectiveness of our group.

Our group was formed about three years ago, as a response to the recognition that the immediacy of pain, worries and concerns can be overwhelming and isolating and lead to depression and

By offering to pray for and if possible with those facing such difficulties, we trust that, God willing, they are comforted that they are no longer just a “lone voice crying in the wilderness” but they have backup!

We don’t promise miracles, but we do promise prayers. And if any one wants to join us and help they are most welcome at Villa Maria Hunters Hill on Mondays at 9am Mass and prayers after and
the same at St Peter Chanel 12.15 pm Mass and prayers, Futuna Street Woolwich.

Inspired by Padre Pio, we seek to live up to and share his saying “Pray hope and don’t worry”.

We pray, through the intercession of Our Lady of Grace with Padre Pio, that you as editor, continue with your good work in helping to serve the community by letting people know not just about our Padre Pio Prayer Group but also all the other community groups which exist to serve their needs.

And we will continue to strive to “Pray hope and don’t worry”.

on behalf Padre Pio