Tenants still at Ivanhoe Place

Dear Sir,
Whilst we in this Community were out enjoying our New Year celebrations and looking forward to the coming year, approximately 73 families were still on the Ivanhoe Estate waiting to be moved by Family and Community Services so that the Estate can be demolished to make way for new dwellings.

It seems that FACS have ‘run out’ of places for the tenants to stay in the Ryde area and so these very scared tenants face being moved away from the surroundings that they love.

The Ivanhoe Estate is now a half empty, neglected place and I am sure that these people are feeling very confused and scared for their futures.

I have been moved and whilst I am happy I simply cannot settle while I see these lovely people living like this.
I just want to remind the outer Communities that they are still there facing an unsure 2018 and my heart is with them all the way.

West Ryde