West Ryde Marketplace shoppers can win money and reduce food waste this winter

We all know food brings us together, and as West Ryde Marketplace locals reluctantly say goodbye to the warm weather and move into winter, family comfort meals can be made from leftover ingredients that may otherwise be thrown in the bin.

TheBestovers.com a new recipe and food waste reduction tool from West Ryde Marketplace was launched in response to statistics released last year that Australians scrape $10 billion worth of food off their plates and into garbage each year.

From turning slow-cooked spaghetti bolognese leftovers into tasty stovetop ‘baked’ eggs, to creating zucchini, black bean and corn enchiladas from last night’s chilli beef with cornbread dumplings,

TheBestovers.com can assist families of any size to reduce their waste.

The new online community shares fun and inexpensive ways West Ryde Marketplace shoppers can repurpose food waste into delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Some top tips for reducing food waste include:

¥ Smartly store your fruit and veggies: keep your potatoes with apples to stop them from sprouting, and store bananas away from other fruit to slow browning

¥ Watch your portion size: use small plates to ensure everything you serve to your friends and family gets eaten

¥ Write a shopping list aligned to your weekly meal plan: and don’t shop hungry as that’s when you’ll pick up items you don’t need

¥ Renew last night’s meal for tonight with spices: keeping garlic, tomato paste, fresh vegetables and pasta or rice on hand will ensure you can switch up any old leftovers

Rhys Simonds, said TheBestovers.com eliminated the daily conundrum of ‘What’s for dinner?’ while also addressing important community issues.

“Whether it is throwing out imperfectly shaped fruit and vegetables or waste from the kitchen table, we want to provide West Ryde Marketplace shoppers with the inspiration to redesign their nightly family meal using last night’s leftovers,” he said.

“TheBestovers.com provides shoppers with easy-to-follow recipes that can turn leftovers into ‘Bestovers’ with just a handful of in-pantry ingredients, saving money, preventing waste and maximising our customers’ fresh food shop.”

West Ryde Marketplace shoppers can access recipes and retailer food offers, and play for instant prizes on TheBestovers.com.

Charter Hall is running TheBestovers competitions in 39 of its shopping centres across Australia, and will be giving away up to $200,000 worth of in centre pre-charged cash cards for local shoppers to spend on groceries.

TheBestovers.com promotion runs until Sunday June 11 with winners notified directly.

For more information visit West Ryde Marketplace or www.thebestovers.com