West Ryde tree a killler, say residents

Residents of Fernvale Avenue is West Ryde sent The Weekly Times this photograph of a fallen branch from a council tree on Monday which they said could have killed someone.

The branch had just fallen on to the driveway at 11 Fernvale Avenue and has been described by residents as a “widow maker”.

“The tree has been a problem for some years and due to the size of the branch it was a miracle that nobody was harmed,” Fernvale Avenue residents told The Weekly Times.

“An unfortunate pedestrian would have been easily crushed, seriously injured or worse.

“We were lucky this time as there were no bystanders in the vicinity but neighbours are concerned and shocked.”

The incident has been referred to Clr Roy Maggio who is seeking to amend the council’s tree policy to put safety before trees and to have dangerous trees removed.

“We require action,” he said.

“These West Ryde residents are happy to remove the tree at there cost and replace it with another.

“This tree is also causing damage to the council footpath. The logic is not ideal as safety is the paramount
issue not the health of the tree.”