A savage tree lopping leaves Ryde kookaburras homeless

This beautiful kookaburra (pictured) and her family were left homeless last week after their historic gum tree in Gladesville was decimated by tree loppers.

The gum tree on the corner of Ryde Road and Gerrish Street was hit by contractors and neighbours are shocked the birds’ home has gone.

“I’m devastated, just so upset,” said neighbour Lorraine Blackwood.

“I’ve lived here for 30 years and there have always been kookaburras in this seventy foot high tree.

“You’d hear them in the morning laughing and chuckling, it was so lovely, especially recently now they two babies in the nest.

“They are just georgeous and I just don’t know where they going to go now.”

The gum tree is on private property and Ryde’s Deputy Mayor Clr Jane Stott is investigating if or how contractors gained council approval to destroy the tree.

Councillor Stott will also consider the feasibility of a motion that will allow residents to save the homes of kookaburras and other animals whose trees are threatened.

One option is to allow neighbours to be informed if a significant tree is approved by the council for removal and to have an opportunity to alert Council’s Bushland and Conservation Committee of nests or regular habitat.

“I love birds and I’m certainly, most definately in favour of such a motion being put up for councillors to consider,” she said.

It is not the first time a local council has upset residents over the wanton destruction of a bird’s habitat and The Weekly Times published a front page story on February 22 this year about the destruction of Mikey The Owl’s tree in Byles Creek Valley, Beecroft.

Residents told The Weekly Times they would support a motion for The City of Ryde website to post a list of significant and/or large trees earmarked for removal.

Photo courtesy Lorraine Blackwood.