A tender moment inspired author


Ryde author Katrina Roe and Uncle Charlie, whose encounter with Katrina’s daughter inspired her new book titled ‘Same’.

A moment of tenderness between a little girl and her disabled uncle has inspired a Ryde author to write a children’s book.

Author Katrina Roe has just published the book titled ‘Same’ which aims to teach children that everyone has the ability to be warm, loving and tender despite their disability.

She said it was inspired by a moment of tenderness between her brother Charlie and her daughter Caillie.

“Charlie has cerebral palsy and when he came to visit my daughter was quite reclusive,” she said.

“Afterwards Caillie drew a picture for Uncle Charlie and he drew a picture for her.

“We stuck both drawings up on the fridge and she noticed the similarity between the two drawings and cried out with delight, look mummy, they’re the same, they’re the same.

“It was such a beautiful moment I wrote it down and that’s where the title ‘Same’ comes from.”

The Ryde author said the book has the message that people can connect with each other in many ways, not necessarily through speech.

“Although the book is aimed at very young children, older children and families will connect with the story, because it is a true story,” she said.

“It is definitely about compassion and about people being left out, so its a great book to teach children about empathy.

“Charlie loves the book and he is very proud of it.”

Raising three children, Katrina admits she had to snatch time to write it and had a considerable search to find the right illustrator.

“It was hard to find the right illustrator, it took years before I found Jemima who has done a wonderful job capturing the disability in Charlie’s body.

“Charlie is not intellectually disabled in any way, he understands everything but he can’t walk or cook and has to have someone to feed him.”

This scenario makes the book ideal reading for anyone with a sick relative or friend and the ideal gift to give someone in a aged care village or hospital.