All Roads lead to Rhodes

Santa’s tips for the best Christmas photos at Rhodes Waterside

SANTA has had a warm welcome back to Rhodes Waterside with many families already making the trip to see Santa in his beautiful home at Rhodes Waterside for a photo and a cuddle.

On the weekend, it was another steady stream of kids – both eager and anxious – to meet the big guy and while some kids started off hesitant Centre Manager Tanya Coert said they usually end their visit with a big smile and a high five for Santa.

“The team here are very experienced with working with kids and have some great tactics that they use to settle even the most anxious of children” she said.

“It’s amazing what a funny face, a silly joke, some reindeer ears or a soft cuddly toy can do.”

Santa Photography is available at Rhodes Waterside from 11am to 4pm (6pm on Thursdays), every day until Christmas Eve.

The Centre also offers gift wrapping and extended hours for shoppers to relax and enjoy their Christmas shopping, with Christmas entertainment in the lead up to the big day.

If you are heading along to see Santa here are the top tips to ensure it’s a successful visit:

– Do a Dry Run: Days before, give your child a glimpse of Santa from afar, or even take them in for a visit if time permits. Make sure you talk about how exciting it’s going to be when it is their turn.

– Carry Supplies: Snacks and toys are key. Hungry kids are likelier to act out so try and give them a healthy snack shortly before arrival so they have a full tummy and ensure you take them to the toilet so that there is no last minute dash.

– Present their Requests: Ask them to write a letter or draw a picture of what they want on their Santa wish list so that they can give it to Santa rather than being put on the spot.

It also puts more of the attention on Santa rather than having all eyes on them so takes some of the stress away.

– Be careful not to paint a scary picture of Santa. If you prep your child by saying “Don’t be afraid, Santa’s not going to hurt you,” you’ve introduced a possibility that may never have occurred to them. Instead, talk about how fun it will be, and show your child a picture of a sibling or a cousin perched happily on Santa’s lap.

– Bring a friend. An older cousin or sibling is great but life’s easier with a stuffed bear by your side too-and you can always put some reindeer antlers on him.

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