Any day but January 26

Dear Editor,

Change the date. I write that as an Anglo-Celt Aussie.

January 26 was the beginning of a story of a quite brutal dispossession for Aboriginal people.

Firstly through the many massacres and forced removal, and then through the stolen generations and discrimination, not even regarded as human beings until 1967.

We are the only Commonwealth nation who has never had a single Treaty with the original peoples.

The trauma legacy is huge until today, what one banner desbribed as 60,000 years of dreaming, more than two hundred years of nightmares for Aboriginal people.

How would we feel if we were the dispossessed? We seem unable to comprehend or appreciate living in a nation with the oldest continuing culture on earth by tens of thousands of years.

Changing the date would be a small recognition. Having Australia Day anyway on the 26th is recent.

Not until 1935 did all the Australian states and territories use that name to mark that date.

Not until 1994 was Australia Day consistently celebrated as a public holiday on that date.

Any day but that one.