WANTED for Killing Local Government

Banker Baird the NSW Dictator and his sidekick Minister for Murdering Local Government Toole declared war on Local Democracy and Local Government on the eve of Christmas last Friday.

They were supported by a gutless array of local MPs who failed to stand up for their local constituents who publicly opposed the forced local Council mergers. They are equally guilty. And they will pay the price at the next State elections.










 WANTED and found WANTING!


Ryde, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove GONE!

Baird’s poisoned Christmas Gift!


Premier Mike Baird sneakily presented his death to local government democracy bombshell in Christmas week and when State Parliament is in recess to reduce its impact on the community.

Of greatest concern to The Weekly Times readers is the proposed abolition of Hunters Hill, Ryde and Lane Cove Councils and lumped together in one new mega council despite the fact that all three councils had been seen as “Fit for the  Future” under the State Government’s original shonky criteria.

Where would be the centre of such a mega council?

All three local Councils had strongly or even furiously fought for their independence to maintain the “Local” in Local Government.

And all three local Councils have had a predominance of Liberal Party members or sympathisers in their ranks, so much for party loyalty or consideration.

Predictably Parramatta is the big winner gaining Sydney Olympic Park precinct from Auburn plus blue ribbon Liberal suburbs from The Hills and Hawkesbury as well as Epping Town Centre to the ire of Hornsby Mayor Russell.

Labor Opposition Leader Luke Foley the MP for Auburn says “It’s just a sleazy political manipulation by Mr Baird for the partisans interests of the Liberal Party”.

Canada Bay is planned to merge with Strathfield and Burwood Councils while Leichhardt will merge with Ashfield and Marrickville.

An arrogant premier admitted on Friday that council merger reform was not an easy thing to do but he claimed the government had attempted “as much consensus as possible”.

This is a blatant nonsense.

And he must know it.

When he along with his sidekick minister for Elimination of Local Government attended and addressed the Local Government Association annual conference at Rosehill he was left in little doubt of the majority view on forced amalgamations, especially as it had been Coalition policy not to implement compulsory forced mergers prior to election.

Indeed Minister Toole was photographed in his local press signing a petition as opposed to forced amalgamations!

The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

And despite all the rhetoric and sloganising there is no imperical evidence that bigger is better when it comes to economy of scale for local councils.

The battle has just begun in earnest.

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