JA resignation triggers by election

FORMER Bennelong MP John Alexander resigned on the weekend in the fallout over the dual citizenship affair but vowed to recontest the seat he’s held for the Liberal Party since 2010.

Mr Alexander issued a statement that he is a proud Australian and he’ll seek preselection.

“I have always believed that I am Australian and solely Australian,” he said.

“In view of recent events and the High Court decision, in my position, I have had to thoroughly examine my situation.

“My right to remain in parliament depends on my belief that I am solely Australian.

“Given what I have learned about the Constitution and understanding now of the High Court decision just a couple of weeks ago, I can no longer, with sufficient certainty, maintain the belief that I have held through my 66 years.”

He said it was his obligation to resign as there was a great need for certainty and clarity and it wasn’t conclusive he was British.

“It is not absolutely conclusive, but the balance, the probability of evidence is that I most likely am,” he said.

“I spoke to the Prime Minister and he encouraged me to be decisive, to act expeditiously, and to put things beyond any question of doubt.

“I don’t have any degrees, I have a degree in common sense and it doesn’t make any common sense.”

Mr Alexander will likely campaign on his record as a Bennelong MP, his active promotion of small business and his tireless work for local sports, community and charity organisations.

He partnered The Weekly Times in numerous initiatives, including a campaign to save Tennis World in Ryde from redevelopment.

“I have been involved in this community for a long period of time,” he said.

“From 1981 when I coached tennis during school holidays at Tennis World in Ryde to working for Channel 7 in Epping, to being managing director of Next Generation Clubs where we developed the Ryde Aquatic Centre and Next Generation club.”

Mr Alexander said he was “hugely proud” of the Bennelong community and had done a refresher course in recent weeks during a 100km walk to raise money and awareness of leukaemia.

Bennelong MP John Alexander gets a close shave from Director of Supply & Manufacturing for AstraZeneca Mark Morgan, watched by the school captains of North Ryde Public School at the conclusion of his 100km charity walk that raised $10,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO