Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale and Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne re-elected for another year

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale has been re-elected and Cr Simon Zhou has been elected Deputy Mayor. Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has also been re-elected for a one year term "with an increased majority", while Liberal councillor Vittoria Raciti was elected Deputy Mayor also for one year.
Dictator Baird - the legacy of failure on forced mergers is all his

NSW Auditor-General delivers damning report on failed forced mergers

Forced council mergers have failed to deliver promised efficiency, savings and equality for ratepayers across merged council areas, a damning report by the NSW Auditor-General has found. #TWT080519

D-Day for NSW: Who will govern after Saturday?

New South Wales citizens go to the polls this Saturday to decide who rules the State for the next four years. Public opinion polls suggest the result is on a knife’s edge between Liberal reigning premier Gladys Berejiklian and Labor’s Michael Daley with some pundits claiming the possibility of a hung parliament Independents ruling the roost. TWT200319 #NSWVotes2019 #NSWelection2019