Christmas Message from Ryde Police

RYDE POLICE urge readers of The Weekly Times to take extra care to secure their houses and property over the upcoming holiday period.

Detective Inspector Glyn Baker, Crime Manger, said readers can take simple precautions to ensure their property isn’t targeted by criminals.

“Break-ins have an enormous emotional and financial impact,” he said.

“By taking a few precautionary security measures, you could prevent the need to replace stolen goods, negotiate with insurers and repair damage to your property.”

Police advise people leaving their homes for a long period of time to take precautions such as cancelling newspapers, redirecting mail and asking a friend or neighbour to regularly check on their property.

“Thieves usually look for cash and property that is easy to carry and sell, such as jewellery, electrical goods, cameras, laptops, mobile phones, sunglasses, power tools, CDs and computer equipment.

“Garden sheds are also popular targets for thieves, as they are often unlocked and full of power tools or other valuable items.”