Coca Cola company to fund Giant Steps in Gladesville

GLADESVILLE’S Giant Steps Centre for children and young adults with autism has partnered with the Coca Cola company.

Coca Cola has pledged to fund Giants Steps through the Coca Cola Foundation’s Employee Connected grants program.

Coca Cola said Giant Steps will share in $700,000 worth of funding thanks to the work of Coca Cola’s Group Customer Marketing Manager Elizabeth Miller who has a family friend who has a son who attends Giant Steps.

“This funding will go towards a fantastic school and will greatly benefit some of the young people living with Autism,” Elizabeth said.

“I know many families simply wouldn’t know what to do without Giant Steps, not only for their children attending the school but the amazing local community support provided for the whole family.

“Giant Steps also seeks to improve understanding of autism in the wider community and to develop best practice among carers and professionals.”

Coca Cola sent The Weekly Times this photo of Merrilyn and Nina. Coca Cola will fund Gladesville’s Giant Steps school for children and young adults with autism.