Council depot could be sold off to developers

A PROPOSED sell off of Ryde City Council’s Operations Depot in Meadowbank for a cool $20 million or more has been given an icy reception by Labor.

The Operation Centre at 1 Constitution Road is being relocated at Porters Creek in Macquarie Park and the current site is to be put on the property market in a suburb that has seen several large developments in recent months.

“Once vacated, the current policy, backed by the Liberal majority on Ryde, is to sell the site for the highest possible financial return in a sale to developers,” Ryde Labor Clr Jerome Laxale said.

“The last thing Ryde Council should be doing is selling this land to developers.

“Aren’t there enough apartments in Meadowbank already?”

Labor would like to see the vacant land to be preserved as parkland and playing fields because they adjoin Meadowbank Public School.

“The school is over-crowded and needs the space,” Clr Laxale said.

” Keeping this site in public hands could solve their problem while providing open space and new facilities for local residents.”

“It would be madness to sell this site to developers, particularly when it is right next door to a school.”

Local families who spoke to The Weekly Times last week agreed.

“The nearest park to us is on the riverfront, which is a steep climb up Belmore Street if you’re pushing a pram … so we support this site becoming green space, which would allow more space for Meadowbank Public School to build the new school buildings it needs.”

Not every family shares this view.

“Twenty five million dollars or more would go a long way to building a safe car park here in Cox’s Road,” a local shopper said.

“Meadowbank gets a lot spent on it as it is and we always seem to be the poor relation.”

Labor Candidate for Central Ward Bernard Purcell backed Clr Laxale.

“Selling this land will make a bad situation in Meadowbank, worse,” he said

“This site was recently zoned for High Density residential.

“It has been fattened up for market day and will be sold to developers if the Liberals regain their majority on 9 September.”

“A vote for the Liberals on September 9 will mean the loss of this public land forever.”

Ryde Labor candidate Clr Jerome Laxale is pictured outside the For Sale Ryde City Council Depot in Meadowbank with Bernard Purcel (Labor – Central Ward) and Penny Pedersen (Labor – East Ward) alongside the Lane family, the Ha family and the Peredi family. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO