Councils Declare War on State Govt



Local Councils are fighting the State Government to keep the “Local” in Local Government and maintain democracy.

Hunters Hill, Ryde, Lane Cove and Leichhardt Councils appeared at Monday’s Upper House Inquiry into Local Government in NSW Parliament House to present their submissions as stand alone Councils.

The trio of Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde also submitted a proposal of a Joint Regional Authority of the three independent Councils to work together co-operatively on certain issues.

Delegation of the three local Councils was led by Hunters Hill Mayor Clr Richard Quinn accompanied by Lane Cove General Manager Craig Wrightson.

Hunters Hill Council Monday night unanimously agreed to fight tooth and nail for their stand alone independence.


Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde Councils made a joint submission to Monday’s Upper House Inquiry into Local Government represented by Hunters Hill Mayor Clr Richard Quinn, Ryde General Manager Gail Connolly and Lane Cove General Manager Craig Wrightson

Baird’s Misfits for Future Inquiry

‘Man the Barricades’ as Hunters Hill votes to hit Baird hard!

Hunters Hill Council resolved on Monday night to ‘man the barricades’ and fight against any attempt by the Baird Government to sack our local councils and force them to merge into mega councils.

Councillors voted unanimously to support a Mayoral Minute in favour of a local referendum on the issue, which will also seek popular support for a proposal from Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde Councils to establish a Joint Regional Authority that preserves each council with shared services to be determined by the Authority’s elected councillors.

Monday night’s council meeting saw Deputy Mayor Clr Meredith Sheil and Clr Peter Astridge speak out to defend local democracy.  Their call was unanimously supported with a motion for a community protest campaign with banners, ribbons, posters and advertising.

The Council backed protest campaign will be coordinated with the Save Hunters Hill Municipality Coalition

“We are preparing for the defence of Hunters Hill by going onto the attack,” Save Hunters Hill Municipality spokesman Phil Jenkyn said.

“We’ll wait for the right time to hit them and then we’ll hit them hard.”

The Mayoral Minute responds to an article in last week’s edition of The Weekly Times which saw our local Mayors express shock at media reports the Baird Government will consider sacking all local councils and replacing them with around six mega councils, with only token representation from Hunters Hill.


p9-NSW-Upper-House2PICTURED ABOVE: Ryde, Lane Cove and Hunters Hill Councils were represented at Monday’s Upper House Inquiry into Local Government by, l to r, Ryde General General Manager Gail Connolly, Lane Cove General Manager Craig Wrightson and Hunters Hill Mayor Clr Richard Quinn. PICTURED TOP: Upper House Inquiry in session chaired by Paul Green Christian Democratic Party, Deputy Chairman Lou Amato Liberal, Catherine Cusack Liberal, Ben Franklin National, Peter Primrose Labor, David Shoebridge Greens and Ernest Wong Labor.  Seated foreground are right to left Caig Wrightson, Richard Quinn, Gail Connolly and Leichhardt General Manager Peter Head. TWT on-the-spot PHOTOS.