D-Day for MCC: Do or Die!


Future of the once iconic Macquarie Community College will be decided at tomorrow night’s Annual General Meeting of the College at Brush Farm House Eastwood.

By The Weekly Times Special Team of Investigative Reporters (TWT STIR TEAM)

Meeting will be told that the College under its current mismanagement has lost over $2,000,000 in the past four years with even worse to come.

Members will have their last ditch chance of saving the College if they elect a new board of directors and remove the discredited directors and management who have lead the College to the verge of extinction.

Only hope of saving the College is if the members vote in the reform team of four locals committed to community education.

Vital MCC AGM Tomorrow

Tomorrow Thursday March 31 is D-Day for the future of Macquarie Community College when members will elect a new Board of Directors which will determine whether the once iconic community college survives or collapses.

With shocking mismanagement over the past four or five years the College is on the verge of extinction with losses of over $2,000,000 in recent years and with worse in the pipeline unless a radical change is made.

Fortunately some of the main culprits are retiring tomorrow night including chairman Sue Murray and one time treasurer Mark Brandon which promises a clean slate after tomorrow night’s election.

The ruling junta could only recruit two candidates to contest the four board vacancies giving hope for the four reform nominees to be elected namely Hamid Michael Eqbal, Eithne Roberta Wolf, Robert Peter Gormly and Bill Wing On Ho or codenamed H.E.R.B. to join up with former College CEO George Papallo OAM who has spearheaded the rescue attempt aided by The Weekly Times.

The depth of the skulduggery practised can be gauged by the fact that minutes of the AGMs have not been available in recent years and only made available this year after members’ complaints but the company secretary has ruled that “the minutes will not be the subject of debate at the 2016 AGM”!

We  can only hope that sanity will prevail tomorrow and the once proud Macquarie Community College will be saved for posterity.