Mysteryman “Tom” rescues locals from Bull Terrier Terror

TWT reader David Heyworth witnessed a Bull terrier menacing two ladies with a pram on Morrison Road, around the corner from Putney Public School (NOTE: this image is not related in any way to the described attack)

Dear Sir,
Last month my wife and our small dog were walking the streets of Putney/Ryde on Morrison Road on a Sunday morning, just around the corner from Putney Public School. A peaceful walk was shattered when she saw a Bull Terrier menacing two ladies with a pram on the other side of Morrison Road where she was walking – with the dog looking like it was trying to attack the treasured contents of the pram.

Within seconds this dog had spotted my wife and small dog on the other side of the road. This dog then charged across and attacked causing catastrophic injuries to our pet “Ivy”, and was trying to attack my wife who only escaped this by scrambling over a small metal fence which the attacking Bull Terrier started to bite to get through.

This dog with no identification and no collar then attacked another dog putting them both in hospital requiring serious life-threatening surgery. This crazed dog then harassed no less than four groups of people walking by trying again to get into another pram, and chasing a woman who just escaped into her front door.

Serious injury or death of the dogs or people involved was only averted by a hero in a man named “Tom” who stopped his ‘Combie’ and told the people under attack to jump in for safety. The dog narrowly missed attacking these lucky people. I write this frightening report as this wild animal lives in the immediate vicinity of Putney Public School, and Ryde Council in their infinite wisdom has simply given this savage and dangerous dog back to the reckless owner.

I fear tragedy awaits as this dog could easily get onto the streets again, and is obviously trained to attack with the numerous scars on it. I also have Tom’s number now, and it would be great if you could somehow
mention in an article how he saved the day.