Defence Force Land fight my greatest achievement says Citizen of the Year

HUNTERS Hill’s Citizen of the Year Andrew Curtin has described the fight to save local Defence Force land for community use is his greatest achievement.

Andrew, pictured with Hunters Hill Mayor Richard Quinn, was a driving force begind the Foreshore 2000 group campaign to save the land which saw him lobby former Prime Minister John Howard.

He said the Defence Department had been reluctant to give the land back to the community.

“The one project I recall is the Foreshore 2000 campaign to convince the Department of Defence to keep Defence sites open to the Australia Public and as a result of this we now have Sydney Harbour’s Federation Trust,” he said.

“We strongly believe the Sydney Harbour foreshore belonged to the community and this was very much a community driven campaign.”

Mr Curtin has also served as President of Riverside Preschool’s Parent Committee and as President of Hunters Hill Sailing Club.

He has also been recognised for his fundraising and organisational role in the redevelopment of Villa Maria Primary School in Hunters Hill

“This Citizen of the Year Award has also given me time to reflect about the community organisation’s I’ve been involved with and that volunteers don’t do things to get something.

“We’re driven to just get involved and we do it, invariably, because we’ve been asked to do it.’