Drop off your household problem waste for recycling


DO YOU have a shed with old paint tins cluttering it up?

Oil you have no idea of how to dispose of properly?

Did you miss the last E-Waste event and don’t know what to do with your broken tablet, computer or camera?

Is there is a better way to dispose of fluorescent tubes, batteries and old smoke detectors?

Do you have x-rays that you have no idea what to do with?

The Councils of Hunters Hill, Ryde, Lane Cove, North Sydney and Willoughby in partnership with the EPA have the answer and it’s FREE.

The Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre (CRC) is open to all residents of all councils far and wide and we encourage you to drop off your household problem waste that mustn’t go in your kerbside bins.

The CRC is located at 8 Waltham Road, Artarmon.Opening hours are Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 4pm; Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8am – 2pm.

* * *

ITEMS THAT are accepted FREE of charge include paint (oil and water based); gas bottles; fire extinguishers; fluorescent light globes and tubes; electronic waste (computers, TVs, electronic equipment, mobile phones and small electrical appliances).

NB: White goods are not accepted; household and lead acid batteries; motor and other oils (including cooking oil); smoke detectors and X-ray films.

It’s a service for residents (from anywhere in NSW) so only household quantities of materials are accepted – maximum of 20 litres or 20 kilograms for each of the items listed above.

Handle and transport carefully and safely by placing items on a protective sheet or tray in the boot to capture any leaks or breaks.

Why should you use the CRC?

The items accepted at the CRC can be harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly but can be reused or recycled.

By sorting our waste and taking it to a CRC, we are keeping potentially hazardous waste out of landfill.

* * *

COLLECTIONS are made by companies licensed by the EPA to remove the materials and they are then recycled in a variety of ways.

Paints – mixed with waste solvents are used as an alternative to fuel in cement kilns.

Paint tins are recycled.

Lead and acid batteries – sent to recyclers where the lead, acid and plastic are recovered and recycled.

Gas cylinders and bottles – gas is recovered and the steel is sent for recycling.

Fluorescent tubes and globes contain mercury Phosphor powder is separated from the glass and run through a filtering process to capture any fugitive mercury emissions which is then processed and sold for a range of industrial uses.

Glass and metals remaining from the process are also recycled.

Used oils are processed to become a lubricant or utilised for waste to energy E-Waste is broken down and the precious metals recovered for reuse and the metals are sent for recycling.

X-rays are processed in a refinery to extract the silver which is converted into a more pure silver form.

Yes you can recycle more than you think by taking your problem household wastes to the CRC in Artarmon!

For further information phone 9936 8100 or visit www.epa.nsw.gov.au/recyclingcentres

CATE ALDER is Waste Management Officer at Hunters Hill Council