Academic success for Marist College Eastwood students

MARIST College Eastwood has again enjoyed a stellar year of academic success with students enjoying some excellent results.

This has been testament to the hard work and commitment of the students and teachers.

Added to this, is the careful planning of subject choice, the integration of a ‘selective’ stream in each year group and learning strategies that are continually updated to stay attune with the latest educational philosophies.

Every student at the College is encouraged to achieve to their potential to set SMART goals and targets.

At the recent graduation ceremony, academic performance was acknowledged with the dux of each year group recognised for their academic excellence.

The college also recognises those students who, whilst not being the top of their class, work consistently to achieve Diligence and Effort awards.

The final award of the night is the ‘Respice Finem’ award.

This is awarded to one student in each year group who contributes to the college community in a number of ways, academically, in co-curricular activities and through participation in social justice initiatives.

Students are also recognised throughout the year in many other ways, with a ‘High Flyers’ award that identifies performance outside the college, through participation in many cultural and sporting events.

The Sports Night and Creative Arts nights are other opportunities to acknowledge the many talents that Marist Eastwood students have. Principal Daniel Delmage said: “It amazes me how many talented students we have in so many different fields and it is great to be able to acknowledge and share their talents with the whole school community.”


PICTURED are Marist College Eastwood’s Dux recipients for 2016.

Riverside Girls High celebrates a year of outstanding results

p13-harmony-day-riversideRiverside Girls High School has congratulated its students on another successful year.


School Principal Belinda Kelly revealed the secret of Riverside’s success.

ÒSuccess comes when you get involved , get organised and curious,Ó Ms Kelly said.

ÒOur high expectations through our belief in excellence in learning in a school of outstanding opportunity where you connect, where you belong with expert teachers inspiring students in a community which has been responsible for educating generations of Riverside girls.Ó

This is reflected in the official results.

ÕWe are 147th on the league table comparing schools and the more relevant statistics are of the per cent of our achieving in top two bands (Five and Six) because this reflects true hard work and commitment to study and students reaching their potential,Õ Ms Kelly said.

ÔOur school celebrates individual success so as long as you put effort in, we can maximise your achievement.Ó

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli agreed.

ÒIt’s always about preparation, can we help students be better prepared for their HSC … yes we can,Ó he said.

ÒIt’s about making sure students have the fundamentals in early high school, if you have that preparation right the stress on you is going to be less.Ó

This is why focus on Science Technology Maths and literacy is going to pay off .

ÒPreparing our students well with teachers who have commitment to excellence and a passion for their subject area,Ó

Ms Kelly said.

The Dux of Riverside achieved a Band Six in 10 units and the school achieved a First in State for its Human Services and for its Korean Background Speakers, Saturday School.

It also achieved a Nineth in state in Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) as well as a Nineth in State in Hospitality.

Thirty eight per cent of Riverside students are Distinguished Achievers with a Top Australian Tertiary Admission ranking of 98.9.

More than 60 per cent of Advanced English, Mathematics and Biology students achieved Band Five and Six while 17 of 24 students in PDHPE achieved Band Six.

More than 80 per cent of Legal Studies students gained Bands Five or Six which is 41 per cent which is above the State average.

A stunning 73 per cent of students achieved a Band Five or Six in at least one subject and 71 per cent of subject results were above State average