HUNTERS HILL Emeritus Mayor Sue Hoopmann OAM has thrown her influential support behind Lane Cove independent candidate Richard Quinn despite a history of supporting Liberal Party candidates.

Ms Hoopmann said her support for Mr Quinn reflects her respect for his community achievements as a long serving Mayor of Hunters Hill and his tenacious fight against a government proposal to force the heritage municipality to merge with Ryde and Lane Cove.

Just over a year since she quit the Liberal Party in protest against forced mergers the highly respected former mayor believes the time is right to have the Liberals ousted in the Lane Cove electorate.

“Richard Quinn was an independent mayor and he would make an excellent state member because he is a community person who will represent the community in parliament, not a politician who will represent the government in the community,” Ms Hoopmann said.

“I served on the council for two decades and Richard was my Deputy when I was an independent mayor.

“So I know he thinks more like I do than anyone else I know and I feel more closely to his independent position than I do to a political party.”

After years of campaigning at a state and federal level for the Liberals it would not be surprising if embittered party members see her actions as a betrayal. So far, the opposite is true.

“To have betrayal you first have to have trust and Sue Hoopmann lost our trust months ago when she quit the party,” one Liberal campaigner in Gladesville said.

Ms Hoopmann accepted there would be some Liberals who do not respect the reasons why both she and Richard Quinn quit the Liberal Party but she insists her experience at polling booths in Gladesville and Lane Cove has been a positive one.

“Apart from the weather I’ve enjoyed campaigning and we’ve all been friendly during pre-polling and we’ve had a good relationship with each other,” she said.

“As for (Liberal candidate) Anthony Roberts, I’m not happy he didn’t fight for Hunters Hill during the forced mergers battle, but Richard Quinn most certainly did, so that’s another reason I’m supporting him.

“But the main reason I’m supporting Richard is that the community needs a parliamentarian local people can work with.”

Emeritus Mayor Sue Hoopman OAM

She did admit there was once a time when she would have considered running as a candidate but today her life is devoted to her family and to travel.

“I’m disappointed there isn’t a woman candidate, so let the best man win and let us hope it is the man who will best represent this community.”

The Weekly Times exclusively revealed that just weeks before the March 23 state election, the government settled outstanding court-ordered legal costs, awarded to Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Mosman and Strathfield councils who mounted challenges to ‘Dictator Baird’s’ failed forced amalgamations.

The NSW Government’s reimbursement to each of the councils fell short or their actual legal costs and came 18 months after the NSW Land and Environment Court and