Enjoy and explore brilliant works at Harbour Sculpture Exhibition


FOURTH anual HarbourSculpture Exhibition has just opened on the beautiful foreshore at Woolwich at Clarkes Point Reserve and runs until Sunday April 2 between 8.30am and 7pm each day.

The timing capitalises on better light and autumn warmth with a more festive atmosphere including live music, barbecues, a bar and a Pop-Up Cafe every Saturday evening during the event.

We’re a not-for-profit community organisation, dedicated to fostering contemporary Australian art.

This exhibition caters for all ages, including school groups, college students, art lovers, senior citizens and the curious.

Our artists come from all over the country, from Tasmania to Queensland and participating this year in our newest program are both secondary and primary schools in the exhibition.

Our aim is to utilise this magnificent harbour parkland setting to create a response to sculpture, engaging the community to enjoy and explore.’

Outdoor exhibits can be viewed at beautiful Clarkes Point Reserve, Woolwich, and indoor sculptures will be easily accessible, within the nearby Hunters Hill Sailing Club.

* * *

ESTABLISHED in 2013, this Australia Day Award-winning event had over 200 entries late last year.

From that, the judges selected over 100 sculptures created by some of Australia’s most recognised artists.

That’s the highest number of works we’ve displayed.

We’ve been thrilled by year-to-year growth in numbers and diversity of visitors.

Judge Graham Forsyth, (Associate Dean – Academic, Faculty of Art and Design, University of NSW) selected the works from more than ninety sculptors to exhibit at HarbourSculpture 2017, providing an amazing opportunity for artists to display and sell works.

They include some of Australia’s best known sculptors É Louis Pratt, who has works in the Art Gallery of NSW, will display ‘Consumption’ which explores our ongoing fascination with coal.

* * *

LUDWIG MLCEK will present two diverse entries this year titled ÔSalvo Spatium 3′ and ÔPrincipium’.

He has participated in the exhibition since our foundation days and each year delivers new and diverse works displaying the scope of his craftsman skills with a wide variety of materials.

John Fitzmaurice, a HarbourSculpture 2015 prizewinner, will also present two works this year titled ÔThink Big’, and ÔRed 2′.

He is also a part of the HarbourSculpture stable of artists consistently producing and evolving exciting pieces.

John often works in large dimensions – a delightful playful on concepts contouring stainless steel in alluring mirrored forms, to elegant structures with a kick of humour and delight.

Feyona Van Stom, is a new exhibitor.

‘Out of the fire’ has been selected for exhibition in the indoor space at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club.

Feyona plays with fire and clay to evoke her warm earthy female forms.

She’s is a prolific artist with many international exhibitions in her repertoire; just back from exhibiting in India and completing commissions in China.

Jacek Mlcek also consistently produces and evolving exciting pieces for HarbourSculpture.

Jacek’s work varies in dimension from a delightful playful folding of metal in hand size forms to elegant meters of origami structured pieces.

* * *

WORKS by Rhonda Castle, Jacek Wankowski, Leon Lester and Akira Kamada will also feature.

The range of sculptures varies from delicate indoor pieces to majestic outdoor pieces that reflect the outside light.

We greatly appreciate the contributions made by the sculptors, Patrons, distinguished judges, Committee members and our team of volunteers.

Our patrons are the honourable Anthony Roberts MP, State Member for Lane Cove and NSW Minister for Planning and Minister for Housing and Ron Kaplan, an avid art collector and long-time supporter.

It’s a great opportunity to organize a gathering, relax with a picnic in the beautiful parklands, enjoy music events and marvel at the beauty of some unique Australian sculpture.

More information at harboursculpture.com.au

LINDA BELL is an accomplished Sydney sculptor, President and Curator of HarbourSculpture 2017.