Free Table Tennis opportunity now available for Seniors


AN OPPORTUNITY for Seniors to start playing table tennis is now on offer at Hunters Hill.

Free one hour lessons will be available from 10.30am to 11.30am on Mondays from May 29 at the Hunters Hill Community Centre, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill.

Pat Piesse, a long standing resident of Hunters Hill, has volunteered with her husband Ray to help Seniors interested in learning to play table tennis.

Although only amateurs, they will teach elements of the game – the strokes, the rules, etc.

Pat started the Hunters Hill Table Tennis Club for Seniors about 20 years ago.

She was attending a table tennis group at Lane Cove and saw a need to set up a group in the Hunters Hill area.

The group started in a small meeting room with a handful of players and a single table.

Now the group has grown to over 20 members with multiple tables being used at each session.

Some of the original members still attend.

* * *

THERE ARE many gains to be had from playing table tennis and it is said to be a game that can be played at any age.

In fact members of the Hunters Hill Table Tennis for Seniors group range from 65 to around 90 years of age.

The health benefits of table tennis are well documented.

As it is a game that involves strategy and agility, the benefits include improved general fitness, improved cardiac health, stronger bones, better hand-eye co-ordination and improved mental acuity.

Above all, table tennis can improve mental health via the enjoyable company of others on a regular basis, often forming lasting friendships.

Frequently after the games players will continue with a cup of coffee at a local cafŽ.

* * *

PEOPLE WHO work in the building where we play table tennis often comment on the happy laughter coming from the room.

The games are played in air-conditioning saving the risk of dehydration for Seniors playing in high summer.

Lina Sirugo who has played for some years says: “I love it. It improves my balance, gives me regular exercise and a lot of pleasure.”

Other table tennis groups for seniors also run in Manly, Lane Cove and Mosman.

Seniors interested in playing should phone Pat on 9879-3707.

TANIA GAMBLE is Hunters Hill Council’s Aged & Disability Co-ordinator