Two giant, historic trees in Bowden Street, Ryde were ripped out on Saturday and local residents a furious.

The trees were within the front lawn grounds of a modern property and several local residents had contacted the council with objections to their removal.

It is believed the trees had been home to native birds.

Bowden Street’s Barry Parks was one of the angry residents.

“The demise of two heritage listed trees that were a feature of Bowden

Street and due to council ineptitude and then vandalism these two beautiful trees had to go.

“They had become a danger to the local residents.

“Approval was given to allow building too close to the trees and later suspected poisoning caused the trees to die, resulting in an expensive and delicate task to remove the trees.

“A tall crane had to be brought in to lift the large branches over the power lines and road into the adjacent part to be mulched.

“The operation kept the locals interested for most of the day.”