Colonel Pickering exterminated by his own Liberal firing squad!


Ryde’s irrational Liberal mayor Colonel Pickering has been exterminated by his own party along with his sidekick deputy mayor Jane Stott as predicted by The Weekly Times on July 26.

The couple were axed in a bloodbath pre-selection meeting at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club on Saturday when they received a meagre eleven votes from 53 pre-selectors.

The “People’s Mayor” Councillor Roy Maggio was also axed and will now stand as an Independent in East Ward. Clr Sarkis Yedelian was the only sitting Liberal Councillor to survive pre-selection blood letting out of an original six Liberal councillors elected at the previous election.

Eight candidates faced the preselectors on Saturday for East and Central Wards with Trenton Brown the only candidate for West Ward so another candidate will need to be found to represent a group on the ballot paper.

Jane Stott and Roy Maggio were overlooked in voting for East Ward won by Jordan Lane first and Brigid Meney second.

Similarly Colonel Pickering was passed over in Central Ward with Clr Sarkis Yedelian picking up number one position and Christopher Moujali number 2.

Meanwhile in Ryde Labor has announced full teams of four in each of the three wards headed by former Ryde Mayor and pre-selected State candidate Jerome Laxale.

Most competition centres on West Ward where two or three teams of Independents have nominated in addition to the Liberal and Labor teams.

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