Hunters Hill Toastmasters Club continues to serve community


REASONS why people come to visit our club vary.

For some it may be an imminent speech and the desire to deliver it well.

Others may be expected to step up at work in front of their peers and present a report.

Often these folk feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others and wish they could wiggle out of the responsibility and be somewhere else.

One person came to Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters because he had been unsuccessful at a job interview.

He rang the employing university and asked why he was unsuccessful.

They recommended he join a Toastmasters Club and reapply.

He did and he got the job.

In his case, he completed the Competent Communicators program by giving ten speeches to meet this objective.

Those speeches taught him how to become comfortable speaking in front of an audience, how to use his voice, how to engage with an audience and inspire them. Also he learned how to use gestures well and feeling comfortable using visual aids.

* * *

WHEN people join Toastmasters their main goal is often to overcome the fear of speaking in public.

It is a challenge to get rid of all the nerves, anxieties and that very dry mouth when speaking in public.

This fear can overwhelm, stun, daze and render someone speechless.

Saving face from possible embarrassment in boring an audience is also a big part of this fear.

Toastmasters certainly supports people to deal with this public speaking fear and there are many other bonus benefits.

These include leadership skills, how to give people effective feedback, how to listen and also conducting meetings.

These are all excellent skills to practice in a safe and forgiving environment at Toastmasters.

* * *

TO BE able to communicate well sets you up well in life.

An elder toastmaster has said: “Half the world’s problems can be solved with better communication.”

Our club is a small friendly club with a mixture of experienced and novice speakers.

The experienced speakers mentor new members and support them through their first few speeches.

Being a small club also means there are more opportunities to present speeches and one can progress at a faster pace.

Once you complete the Competent Communicator program, you can choose from a variety of speech programs to master giving humorous, entertaining, informational speeches and technical presentations.

The list of available options is long.

Club highlights over recent years have been romances resulting in two weddings. Imagine the speeches! They would have been well planned and delivered.

Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters meet every second and fourth Wednesday night at Gladesville Sporties Bowling & Sports Club, 181A Ryde Road, Gladesville from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and visitors are welcome.

Contact club via or phone Club President Greg Neilson 0401 718 289.

LYNDA MITCHELL is Vice President/Public Relations with Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters Club.