Ideology over our wellbeing

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word ideology.
Dear Sir,
I am shocked that more residents aren’t discussing the ridiculous decision by the Mayor Jerome Laxale and the Greens led by Deputy Mayor Christopher Gordon to discard tried and tested methods to make a political statement.

Historically, the City of Ryde has done remarkably well in an already low yielding environment for a number of years.

Now it seems a few Councillors later, that good, competent policy-making is thrown out the window in exchange for what reeks of a political deal and Councillors placing their own ideology in place of their people and their Council who elected them.

Divesting investments from any fossil fuel aligned company is a direct attack on some of Australia’s best-performing companies. It is anti-business, costs people jobs, damages our economy and worst of all was done without consulting the community or experts.

Our Councillors have been elected to serve our interests and respect our money.

Yet the Council has voted to make huge financial decisions on our behalf without consulting the community or experts.

Would the Council have been as bold with this decision if this was their own funds?

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor need to answer for this. It seems as if one thing goes before the election, and another when politics and
ideology gets involved.