Importance of Trees in environment

National Trust Vienna Cottage Committee have organised a talk on the “Importance of Trees in our urban environment” this Sunday September 3 in Hunters Hill RSL Hall, 56 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill at 2.30pm.

Admission free. Speaker is Jeff Angel, Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre

A canopy of mature trees has always been a feature of Hunters Hill.

However the Vienna Committee has been concerned at the rate they

are disappearing and research using satellite imagery has shown a high percentage of loss of the tree canopy in the past seven years.

Factors causing this loss are complying development laws, which permit the removal of trees under eight metres, and the notorious 10/50 rule which has been abused by some homeowners.

Trees affect our climate, and therefore our weather, in three primary ways: they lower temperatures, reduce energy usage and reduce or remove air pollutants. Trees reduce both surface and air temperatures in urban areas through evapotranspiration and can also significantly reduce energy consumption through shading in the warm months and protecting buildings from cold winds.

Tree cover is also important for reducing air pollution.

Outdoor air pollution is a silent killer in Australia where it accounts for more than 2 per cent of deaths, more than are caused by motor vehicle accidents.

In Sydney alone, the costs have been calculated at about $4.5 billion annually.

Arising from the talk Vienna Cottage Committee will develop an advocacy program to monitor the tree canopy in Hunters Hill. Inquiries 9816 1794.