Inadequate Planning for Epping Public School DA

Dear Sir

The NSW Government’s “one size fits all’ approach is not limited to the planning panels (Mosman’s Mayor warns compulsory planning are undemocratic). 

Last week Epping residents were told by representatives from Schools Infrastructure NSW that the proposed building for the Epping Public School cannot have basement parking as other schools would then also want to have parking provided and there is “no money” for this.

We were also told that primary school buildings cannot be more than three storeys, when we asked them to consider making the new building taller to ensure there will be adequate space in the school to cater for the large number of children moving into Epping as the population increases.

The Schools Infrastructure NSW staff also told us that providing a bigger building than that proposed was a no go as they can only base the expansion of the school on the 2014 NSW Government approval for an additional 3,750 dwellings for the Epping Town Centre, even though we explained this number has already been surpassed.

This means teachers for Epping Public School will be expected to catch public transport to work or valuable open space in the school will be taken up for parking.

The school’s capacity will also be limited to 736 students until someone in the Department of Planning and Environment updates Epping’s population projections and forwards them to the Department of Education.

Surely Epping with its lack of parking and development applications approved for 19, 22, 24, 27 and 29 storey apartment towers can have some unique planning for the public school to ensure our children can get a decent education.

This seems most undemocratic.