JB’s World: Congrats to nominees and winners in volunteer awards

CONGRATULATIONS TO all the nominees for Volunteers of the Year and the lucky winners awarded at last Friday’s presentation night in Ryde Civic Hall by Ryde Mayor Clr Jerome Laxale. Volunteers are the soul of any community and this was exemplified at the weekend by the wonderful contribution volunteers made at this year’s successful Salvos Red Shield Appeal doorknock.

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JIMMY SHAW heads This Week’s Birthday Honours List celebrating 92 times around the sun as he likes to call it as the earth takes 365 days to travel around the sun and Jimmy is also ecstatic that Environmental Day is celebrated on his birthday on June 5.

Jimmy would like nothing better for his birthday present than the legalisation of the “funny stuff” that you smoke an sniff! In case you don’t know or have heard of Jimmy he’s the perennial Greens candidate that runs around in the highly decorated Greens van.

Karen Hojte daughter of Kirsten Pi and Knud Hojte in Copenhagen Denmark celebrates her 42nd birthday today with brothers Bjorn and Per and friends and JB is looking forward to seeing them all again in coming days during a one night visit en route home after my visit to Villers Bretonneux, WW1 battlefields in France and Belgium plus one night in Pilzen Czech republic and a coupla days in Pommieland to catch up with my twin brother Dr Peter Arthur Booth and family.

In actual fact this week I am in the Austrian Alps at the Grossarl Forum of former scouts and guides where I met my fate 30 years ago which ended a happy lifetime of bacherlorhood!

Rory Ethan Petch son of John and Lynley Petch and grandson of Ryde Emeritus Mayor Ivan Petch turns seventeen tomorrow while Isabel Maria Pena Ribeiro celebrates in Portugal Friday and Josephine Smith daughter of Rev Mark and Anna Smith now of St Paul’s Lithgow celebrates with her siblings Adelaide, Declan, Matilda and Audrey Honor.

Yvonne Longfield better half of Patrick celebrates Saturday same day as Wendy Au formerly of Eastwood Police and Mikael Brock son of Hanne Brock Roslinde and brother of Mette parties in Denmark.

Carolyn Metcalfe better half of Graham celebrates Sunday same day as Derwin Hayward turns 63 and will probably celebrate with his best friend Karl Schmidt while Henrik Messmann celebrates in faraway Denmark land of the Vikings and former Danish boomerang throwing champion of Hirtshals while Kim Luong celebrates back home.

Graham Mitchell’s special grandson Aaron turns nine on Monday while Margaret and Howard Blair of Sydney St George’s Guild of former scouts and guides celebrate 58 years wedded bliss with family and friends on Monday and will be toasted again on Tuesday at the Guild meeting at historic “Addington” Ryde.

Jimmy Shaw our evergreen Greeny will be celebrating his 92nd trip around the universe on World Environment Day Tuesday same day as Dorothy Nichols will be celebrating her 96th at New Horizons North Ryde with sister Margaret Miller of Ryde and family and friends.

Elaine Collis JP with well over 50 years serving the community as a Justice of the Peace will celebrate another b’day next Wednesday same day as Bev
Caward recent widow of Jim Caward and musical star Frances Madden on tour with her band.

Also musical is Noelene Berther Gorman mother of musical stars Sharon, Russell and Jason Berther with Sharon performing in Nashvlle USA and Rusty on the entertainment circuit in Oz.

David Knight general manager of Vimiera Village at Eastwood and Medi Aid Centre also celebrates Wednesday with his father the inimitable NSW Senior Citizen of the Year Dr John Knight AM aka Dr James Wright. Happy daze all.

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BUMPER STICKER: I’m not deaf – I’m ignoring you.

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Keep Smiling!