GOOD RIDDANCE to Turncoat, Trumble or whatever his name is following the circus in the Hot Air Capital of Australia over the past week.

A reminder that the person who throws stones or knifes in the back usually ends up with their just deserts. I’m a firm believer in the truth will win out, eventually, and Hope Springeth Eternally.

For some time now I have been sitting on what was going to be a page one story about D-Day for Libs and turn to page 3 for D-rated Liberal MPs!

These included so-called energy minister Josh Frydenberg and so-called Small Business minister Craig Laundy.

The D rating was variously standing for D for Dope, D for Dud, D for Drip, D for Drongo (with due respects to genuine drongoes).

THANKS TO John Alexander OAM, Member for Bennelong, I had opportunities to meet and interview both the aforementioned Ds. Firstly during JA’s re-run vote for MP he had D Frydenberg out to supposedly help and support him which had a reverse effect.

The magic “they” claim Frydenberg is bright and clever but he certainly did not display any of those talents in his role as energy minister. He was more looney than the looniest Green in supporting renewable sources of energy and Paris.

I had suggested he should have a different portfolio because he was obviously being influenced for his own political skin with the 19 percent Greens vote in his own electorate!

When I discussed with him concentrating on cost effective and reliable coal and nuclear he turned and walked away.

Maybe we’ll see a new “brilliant” Frydenberg as Treasurer?

As for the other D blazer brigade MP for Reid …. who was elected basically on the support of then PM Tony Abbott who he so graciously stabbed in the back for his reward, perhaps the less the better.

The MP for the working class electorate of Reid has seen the light and bought in Hunters Hill which has not been lost on the locals in either electorates. His new federal residential electorate of North Sydney has been locked away already by Trent Zimmerman for the next election.

At a Small Business Forum organised by JA at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club I asked the D rated small business minister what is the biggest concern of most small business people and the electorate generally. I suggested it was the cost of electricity and that like water, it is an essential service and a responsibility of government.

When I suggested the government should do something to ensure cheap and reliable electricity like building or financing a new coal fired power station he claimed that would be “socialist”!

When JB was in Local Government at Ryde we used to elect directors to the Local Government started, run and owned Sydney County Council for electricity and the Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board (MWS&DB) or more commonly simply called the Water Board.

Subsequently, Big Brother State Government stole both of these efficiently run public utilities and corporatised them and since have sold off the electricity part (or given away to big business) for cheaper power prices. Have you seen your power bills come down???

As I’ve often been quoted as saying: they couldn’t run a chook raffle in a brothel!

TWT Territory business community is abuzz in anticipation for tonight’s 2018 Northern District Local Business Awards Gala Presentation at the prestigious Epping Club. We will bring you a full 
report on proceedings and all the fun of the night next week. Congratulations to all winners in anticipation. ‘Til next week .


EDNA WILDE OAM heads This Week’s Birthday Honours List celebrating today with family and friends and at the Ryde Eisteddfod where she has served as chairman since its inception 30 years ago and grown from a handful of entries and now exceeds 5,000 entrants from July 14 to September 8.

Edna (pictured on the left) has dedicated much of life to the Ryde community especially since she was the first and still only female mayor of Ryde and continues to serve of the Granny Smith Festival Committee as well as leading the Ryde Eisteddfod.

John Engisch md of Torch publishing faces 72 candles on his birthday cake today while Cynthia Dummer blows out 92 candles on her cake.
Leonie Hardman better half of John Hardman celebrates four score and five tomorrow same day Vic Caldwell bowls over 83 and Stavroula Antoniou Tsioustas celebrates.

Lydia Scuglia of Helloworld Top Ryde City and former chairman of Ryde Business Forum parties Friday same day as Sue Nelson widow of Mike Nelson of West Ryde and Jackie Samiri of Boronia Park.

Saturday September 1 is special to us at the Weekly Times because it is our 97th birthday having been established on September 1, 1921 by Charles Halliday Engisch in Gladesville as THE TIMES changing name to THE WEEKLY TIMES some years later.

JB acquired The Weekly Times on May Day 1979 as just the second proprietor when it unfortunately had fallen on hard times following the death of Charles Engisch and was on the verge of closure and down to four pages.

Simon Touma of real estate fame turns 69 on Saturday.

The Great John L Simpson son of Ian and Maureen Simpson now of Epping and JB Godson turns a double 5 partying with better half Maria and daughters Lily Kate and Bella on Sunday.

Joan Burton now of Yamba and formerly Joan Burton of Ryde and widow of former Queensland hockey captain Len Burton of Surfers Paradise and mother of JB Godson Alan Burton celebrates another birthday up in Godzone country also on Sunday same day as Samuel James Free son of another JB Goddaughter Julie Redshaw Free and Andrew Free.

Andy Leigh hubby of JB niece Bregitta Booth Leigh celebrates on Monday in Pommieland with children Tommy, Jessica and Sophie and his in-laws JB twin brother Dr Peter Booth and Maggie.
Balmain legend and Olympian swimmer Dawn Fraser celebrates a black-n-gmold Tiger birthday on Tuesday. Happy daze all.

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BUMPER STICKER: The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte. And then everything crashed.

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Keep Smiling!