Kundalini Yoga classes at Nirvana School of Yoga

VI FAURE-BRAC of The Nirvana School of Yoga at Ryde is excited to announce that they are introducing Kundalini Yoga classes at the studio, 40 Hancott Street, Ryde from Thursday April 14 at 6.45pm.

General Hatha Yoga classes at BEGINNERS TO INTERMEDIATE Level still exist at the usual times of Monday 1pm and 6.45 pm; Tuesday 7.15pm; Wednesday 11am and 6.45 pm and Saturday 9am. All classes are taught by Vi who has been the Principal of Nirvana School of Yoga since 1982 after taking it over from the doyen of Yoga Roma Blair who is regarded as the mother of Yoga in Australia.

Vi has been practicing yoga for over 45 years and teaching yoga since 1978.

She lectured at the International Yoga Teachers Association from 1982 until 2008.

“At Nirvana we specialise in safe yoga practices with modifications where necessary,” says Vi.

Classes are varied and interesting, small and friendly with mats and blankets provided.

The many benefits and changes which take place with the practice of yoga are inumerable, exciting and long lasting depending on the mindset of the person involved.

Yoga can bring a raising of consciousness, peace, calm, balance and harmony within.

It can increase fitness levels, give strength, flexibility, good health and positive mind awareness and control.

Countless health benefits can occur.

Yasmin Janka who has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2012 is a passionate yoga devotee having devoted many years to yoga training prior to 2012.

She has completed three advanced Level 2 intensives in Kundalini. Yasmin says that Kundalini yoga can give all the above mentioned benefits as well but the practices focus on the use of special Mantras, Bhandas Mudras and Kriyas as well as the physical Asanas to take one on the journey to Self Mastery and Higher Consciousness.

The beautiful studio at Nirvana is air conditioned for summer and winter. So come along for a unique yoga experience. Phone Vi 98095618 or 043262836 or check website: www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/2630