Letters to the Editor: More or less tax income

Dear Sir,
Tax, Tax, Tax. No one wants to pay more tax, including me.

Like most other people, I want and need the services I get, and probably can see where society would benefit with some more.

But it all requires money. A quick look at the federal budget shows a greater and greater percentage of their budget goes on essentials like health, pensions and defence.

More could be done with more money but their policy to give 25 billion away to big business doesn’t help.
We need more money in the taxation bucket not less.

Big money to big business will give society a big zero.

With that in mind, it amazes me that the Church of England put $1,000,000 of their tax-exempt earnings into the Same Sex, No campaign.

I think they are probably not the only religious organisation to do so.

The charities have enormous privileges within this society and so I think their taxation privileges should be reevaluated.

This should not alter the amount of community work they do as all charitable work is tax deductible.

Hunters Hill