Letters to TWT editor: Community backs male barber

A still image taken from Nine News’ report complete with an “EXCLUSIVE” graphic, in which barber

Dear Sir,

We read the article about the Hunters Hill’s barber who has been accused of discrimination for refusing to cut a girl’s hair.

As your article stated, the barber was trained to cut men’s hair is not qualified as a women’s hairdresser.

It would seem that here is a case of bullying by a person who is utilising the law to their own advantage without consideration for a young man, with a wife and young child, trying to make a living with the skills he has learnt.

Is the lawyer, Amy Carr, wanting to have her daughters to appear “neutral gender” or trying to have them look like boys.

Is that the reason for taking such action?

It strikes us that the daughters would more than likely have been horrified at going to a men’s barber rather than a qualified hairdresser.

I hope the community will get behind this man and support his business.

The attitude of Amy Carr is appalling and should be considered nothing short of being a bully.

Something we should not tolerate.

Look forward hearing that she apologises to the barber and hopefully compensate him for her dreadful behaviour. What a bad example to her children!



Hunters Hill

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