Ryde Liberals Launch

The Ryde Liberal team officially launched their campaign at Anzac Park West Ryde last weekend featuring Trenton Brown and Amy Lee (West Ward); Sarkis Yedelian and Chris Moujalli (Central Ward) and Jordan Lane and Brigid Meney (East Ward).

Ross Williams team launches campaign

A packed house attended the launch of the Ross Williams team for Hunters HillÕs local government election on Saturday September 9 last Thursday night in Hunters Hill.

The launch was held in the home of WilliamÕs Team candidate Alison Voulgaris and featured a visual presentation of her aims and aspirations if elected to council.

It also launched Ross WilliamsÕ campaign for Mayor.

An Emiritus Mayor of Hunters Hill, Mr Williams served as Mayor from 1989 until 1993 and as a councillor until 1999.

ÒWe are a truly independent team, not affiliated with any political party,Ó Mr Williams said.

ÒOur commitment is to defend the MunicipalityÕs independence and special character and we listen to the community and act on its needs and aspirations.Ó

The team promise independent and transparent decision making alongside the timely, efficient and responsive delivery of local council services.

It further promises better environmental protection as well as more connections between local clubs, the community and small business.

ÒWe promise to deliver improvements to the Gladesville Shopping precinct and the enhancement of local recreational areas, particularly for children,Ó Mr Williams said.

Ross Williams is known for his lead role in the recent and successful fight to save Hunters Hill from being abolished and merged into a mega council based in Ryde and vowed to keep fighting.

ÒAmalgamation means the loss of local identity and local decision making,Ó he said.

ÒIt is important we keep local government local, to ensure it remains true to the people it serves.Ó

Alison told the launch she is passionate about connecting the local community with the local business community.

ÒHigh tides raise all boats,Ó she said.

This active local candidate co-ordinates the not-for-profit volunteer association Discover Hunters Hill and has been actively involved in promoting local schools.

ÒI have a passion for learning and education and I love assisting children with learning disorders to become more independent individuals.

The third member of the team is Derek Low.

ÒIÕm a strong believer in the value independent councillors bring to local government,Ó he said.

ÒI have never been a member of a political party and I support better facilities and better services for the young, the disabled and the elderly communities.Ó

He is a Civil Engineering graduate with more than 40 years experience in environmental protection.

To find out more visit the website: [email protected]

Kit Chan Carpark Extension Proposal

Independent candidate for Ryde Council West Ward Kit Chan wants to see more car parking in Eastwood.

He believes that a simple answer for more immediate car parking would be to cover the existing ugly looking storm water drain next to the Glen Street car park.

Not only would it provide more car parking but it would also improve the aesthetic appearance of the area, he said.

And an added plus would be a matter of safety especially for young children falling into the stormwater drain, especially in times of heavy rainfall and flooding.

Kit Chan says he wants to help clean up and improve the facilities at the Eastwood shopping area and also at other shopping and commercial areas.

He will work for better traffic management and road and pedestrian safety for all.

KIT CHAN Independent candidate for West Ward at next month’s September 9 Council elections is pictured at the storm water open drain adjoining the Glen Street carpark at Eastwood.  TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.

Simon Zhou wants to represent new and old in our community

Simon Zhou as a first generation Australian wants to represent and help both new and old residents as a councillor on Ryde City Council.

Simon moved to Sydney as an international student from China in 2002 and after finishing a degree in civil engineering worked as a project engineer for three years then started a family business as a collectable coin designer and issuer.

He married and has a young family of a daughter and son, pictured above with  his wife and his number 2 team member Buddy Abboud with his son at their campaign launch at Eastwood’s Taiwan Night Markets.

Simon found Neighbourhood Eastwood Incorporated in 2016 and started working on local multicultural events including the Multicultural Celebration of 41st anniversary of the Racial Discrimination Act in Rowe  Street Eastwood and 2017 Walk for Respect in Lakemba.

He started working part-time for NSW Labor as the multicultural affairs director for NSW and was a Labor Senate candidate in 2016.

He resigned from the Labor party in June to run as an independent candidate for Ryde Council.

He says he wants to help the multicultural community, especially new residents, to understand Australian values so they can enjoy the life here as he does.