Mass murderer Xie preyed on Lin family sole survivor

The convicted killer of Epping’s Lin Family had a sexual interest in the sole survivor of the massacre, Brenda Lin, it was revealed in court.

Brenda Lin was on an overseas school trip when her uncle, Robert Xie, bludgeoned her parents, two brothers and an aunt to death in their North Epping home in the early hours of July 18, 2009.

Ms Lin moved in with Xie and his wife Kathy after her family was murdered and it has since been revealed the prosecution claimed one of Xie’s motive’s in the murder of Ms Lin’s family was so he could get intimate access to her.

Ms Lin gave a victim impact statement at Xie’s trial but couldn’t be named then for legal reasons.

Shortly after the 2009 massacre she briefly – and bravely – spoke to the media

“I was really devastated, I couldn’t believe what was happening,” she said.

Xie refused to look at Ms Lin in court this month as she delivered her statement.

She said she was tormented by the memory of  not saying a final goodbye to her father before her school trip, due to her strict Chinese cultural upbringing.

“Being a prideful teenager, I did not say anything to my father,” she said.

“I just stood there awkwardly and thought to myself, it is just going to be a week.

“To this day, my biggest regret is not hugging him and telling him I loved him.”

Xie has indicated he will appeal the guilty verdict.

His wife Kathy continues to stand by her evidence that he was in bed with her at the time the murders were committed.