Maximising the use of modern technology for everyday life


MOOCOOBOOLA Computer Club for Seniors, located in Hunters Hill, has been dedicated to the training of our senior citizens in the understanding and use of Information Technology for over twenty five years.

The great thing about this Club has always been its constant review of the latest training techniques and keeping abreast of technological changes so that it can best assist its members to get the maximum use of modern technology in their everyday lives.

Our Club is proud of its association with the USA based GCF Learn Free organisation.

It is the quality training material published by this organisation which forms the basis of our Club’s training.

GCF has approved our Club’s use of the copyright of their tutorials.

These tutorials form the basis of the printed manuals supported by DVD for video content which are used by our Club for training across a wide range of information technology, from the: very basics of understanding your computer in terms of how and why it does things; to mastering smartphones or tablets, whether they are Apple or Android devices; to email and how to use social media such as Facebook or Twitter; or transferring those photographs from phone or digital camera to a computer and then learning to edit and organise them; to using a device for searching the Internet and using the Internet to make voice or video telephone calls both in Australia and overseas, or learning about how to use Microsoft’s apps like Word or Excel Spreadsheets.

* * *

ALL THIS training is self-paced which means that our members progress at their own pace with no formal classroom lectures.

Additionally the training is either printed manual based or by using the GCF online training facilities.

Either way the training is interspersed with interesting videos to provide an even greater understanding of the subject.

This training also includes the necessary practical examples and practice exercises to enable our members to use these new skills in the real world.

The choice of which method to use, either printed manuals or online, is left to the individual member and either way, they are fully supported by the Club’s volunteer trainers.

Using either the printed manuals with DVD or the online method, members can further enhance their training at home.

* * *

ONE OTHER aspect of the Club’s training activities is the relaxed environment in which members get together over morning or afternoon tea to socialise and talk about the challenges and experiences they meet with in their training.

Considering all this, the ultimate aim is to see our members equipped to use their computers, tablets and mobile phones for everyday activities like sending and receiving emails, organising and sharing information and photos, using social media safely to maintain contacts with friends, doing their shopping and banking online with safety and using all this technology to further enjoy life.

The Club is also seeking any volunteers, maybe retired folk, who could devote some of their spare time in helping train our seniors on acquiring some new computer skills.

If you would like to find out how we could help you contact Shirley Turner on 9879 4010.

ARTHUR REDWIN is one of the Head Trainers at Moocooboola Computer Club for Seniors.