Meadowbank’s chess champion out checks all his school mates

Meadowbank Public School has a child prodigy whose genius for chess has set him on a course to become a Grand Master.

Twelve year old Liam Trenear has been the school’s Chess Champion for three years since he took up the game at the age of eight.

He has represented the school at a Zone Level and has consistently outplayed school opponents with considerably more experience.

His trophies can already fill a cabinet and he told The Weekly Times the secret to winning chess is a combination of strategy, tactics and an aptitude for solving puzzles.

ÒI’m not like some chess players who go out to capture as many of their opponents pieces as possible, because my style is to go for a check mate as quickly as I can which means setting a trap for my opponent’s King,Õ he said.

ÒI’m an aggressive player and I use a lot of tricks as well as strategy and tactics.

ÒI like to use Knights more than Bishops but my favourite piece is the Rook (Castle) because it can strike across a whole line of squares or defend a line of squares.Ó

Liam concedes the some players like to use psychological warfare as part of the game but he’s not one of them.

ÒSome players try to break you down by staring at you or tapping their hands on the table when you’re trying to think, but if you concentrate on the game, not the opponent, you’ll overcome this.Ó

Liam Trenear said he loves playing against his grandfather and prefers wooden pieces to plastic ones.

ÒMy favourite chess set is made of glass.Ó

Unusually, Liam is not a student of historic military battles.

ÒI got into chess because I like puzzles and mazes and mathematics and solving logical challenges,Ó he said.


Meadowbank chess champion Liam Trenear is pictured with some of the trophies he has won. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO