MP Tudehope fights threats to Epping cottage

Epping MP Damien Tudehope pictured at the Epping Cottage this week.

EPPING MP Damien Tudehope will fight a development application to change the heritage status of the cottage at 44-48 Oxford Street in Epping.

Mr Tudehope met concerned residents last week and promised to seek leave from NSW Parliament to try to defeat the development application when it is considered at today’s (Wednesday, 7th February) Sydney Central Planning Panel meeting.

“I will be calling for this application to be dismissed, this important heritage building needs to be preserved,” he told The Weekly Times.

“The proposal is seeking to change the heritage status of the cottage, which is not only inappropriate; it makes the development application noncompliant in my view.”

Mr Tudehope is also concerned the development application will be heard before a state government-endorsed panel.

“It would be an abuse of power for the planning panel to usurp the council’s authority to determine the heritage status of the cottage,” he said.

He said he has a duty “to uphold the integrity and public scrutiny the application requires” regardless of the applicant’s moves to avoid local scrutiny.

“The applicant in this instance appears to be seeking to deprive the council and the community of their proper role in respect of heritage Local Environment Plans,”Mr Tudehope said.

“The purpose of the drafting of Local Environmental Plans is to allow proper consultation for the community.”