New development plan for Balmain Leagues

Part of the abandoned Balmain Leagues Club - an urban wasteland

The Balmain Leagues Club and Grand Rozelle have announced a plan to build a new leagues club at the Tigers spiritual home on Victoria Road, Rozelle.

The new plan was announced in a statement from the club this week.

“Balmain Leagues Club has been made aware that preliminary advice (a ‘pre-DA’) for the redevelopment of the Club site at Rozelle has been provided to Inner West Council by Grand Rozelle,” the statement said.

“The proposal includes residential, commercial and retail space in addition to a 2,200m square space for a new Balmain Leagues Club.

“This preliminary step in the DA process allows Council to assess the proposal prior to designs being completed, allowing issues to be brought to attention before a final application is submitted.”

Balmain Tigers spokesman Dr Leslie Glen thanked Tigers fans for their past support and said he looked forward to working with Grand Rozelle.

“The Balmain Leagues Club site on Victoria Road, Rozelle, formerly owned by Rozelle Village Pty Ltd and Pacific Link Investments Pty Ltd has been sold and the Club looks forward to working with the new owners, Grand Rozelle Pty Ltd, to return our Club to its historic home after an extremely arduous eight year long exile,” he said.

“Discussions with the new owners have been very cordial and positive concerning the club’s future and assurances of their support have been received.

“The Board of Directors will discuss the impact of the sale and a further report will be released our members as soon as practicable.

“We appreciate the loyal support and trust you have given us over many years.

“It continues to be at the foremost of our minds to honour the legacy of those who established Balmain Tigers in 1908 and to all those who guided it through its long and distinguished history.”

There have been several attempts to restore the Balmain Leagues club since 2010 when a proposed a development for five and 11 storeys was refused by the state government’s Joint Regional Planning Panel due to size, design and traffic impacts.

Rozelle Village Pty Ltd, then submitted a new proposal for two structures at 26 storeys and 32 storeys, which was not supported by the Department of Planning or the former Leichhardt Council.

It then submitted a revised proposal which reduced the building to 24 storeys but again met with opposition from the Council.

Frustrated by the court and council system, Rozelle Village withdrew from the project and the Leagues Club site has remained vacant and destitute.

Parts of the building were engulfed by fire late last year.