New Hope for MCC!

‘Dr’ June has Gone . . Let’s hope Sue Next!

Macquarie Community College former CEO “Dr” June Heinrich has gone off on holidays to New Zealand and won’t be coming back to the College she has informed inner circle staff members.

That is exceptionally good news for the remaining staff members who have the good of the College at heart after recent years of horrendous mismanagement that has brought the College to its knees and on the verge of collapse.

The hope of the side now is that at the upcoming annual general meeting scheduled for Tuesday May 26 (and now evised to Thursday May 28) an entirely new board is elected to breathe some new life into the ailing College.

Our information is that up to seven board positions may be available and up for grabs with nearly all the existing and current directors bailing out for fear of going down with the sinking ship.

We have been confidentially advised by a number of current directors that they have either already resigned or are certainly not prepared to seek re-election.

The only one director who we believe will stay on is the current chairman Sue Murray who really should be the first to go as she has watched and presided over the disintegration of the once proud and iconic leading educational institution.

Sue Murray made a big play at the last AGM when she still had another year to go on her two year term by saying she was standing down but offering herself for re-election to allow members to vote here in or out because she had promised at the previous AGM that things would improve.

But instead they continued to deteriorate and worsen when the College lost another half million dollars or more and lost thousands of students.

However, Sue had the ace up her sleeve because she then re-elected herself for another two year term with a stack of proxy votes she gave herself as chairman of the meeting!

Hence she does not have to face the members’ votes again this year. Clever but sneaky ploy.

When asked at the recent EGM, called to consider a new College constitution which was defeated, Sue Murray emphatically told The Weekly Times she would not be standing down this time to face the voters again.

Reason being that the EGM meeting had carried a vote that proxies would not be accepted at this year’s AGM!

Sue Murray faces the distinct probability that she will be stripped of her chairmanship after next month’s AGM and be meeting with a decidedly hostile board towards her.

In all fairness to her and all concerned we believe it would be best for Sue Murray to resign. And sooner than later. For her health and betterment and everybody else.