Thirteen candidates for the recently vacated federal seat of North Sydney are out on the hustings campaigning to replace former Treasurer Joe Hockey who resigned after the coup by Malcolm Turnbull to oust Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Political observers believe there will be a rebellion by a part of the Liberal vote protesting the dumping of Tony Abbott and the way Liberal candidate Trent Zimmerman was preselected.

Disaffected Liberal Party members within the North Sydney electorate showed their anger and angst at the preselection process by publicly protesting outside the venue for the voting.

While most commentators believe that Trent Zimmerman is still a hot favourite to win there is always the chance of an upset boilover result.

In that event the front runners would be Royal North Shore Hospital surgeon Dr Stephen Ruff the Independent candidate nominated and supported by former Independent North Sydney MP and longtime mayor of North Sydney Ted Mack, North Sydney Councillor MaryAnn Beregi, former Democrat MLC turned Green Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans and Christian Democratic Party’s Silvana Nero who is the wife of her Party’s leader Rev Fred Nile and claims to be “The only True Conservative you can trust”.


Meet the Candidates Forum This Sunday

The Weekly Times and Lane Cove Community Forum will hold a Meet the Candidates Community Public Forum this Sunday November 29 from 1.30pm on Lane Cove Plaza and all are welcome.

All thirteen candidates have been invited to attend and present their policies and answer questions from the public.

Candidates will be invited to speak for five minutes each and take part in the general discussion and question and answer session to follow.

Inquiries to Don Murchison: [email protected] or The Weekly Times  Hotline 9807 6666.

In the event of rain please bring an umbrella or rainwear.


Candidates on Hustings at Hunters Hill Street Feast


Hunters Hill Emeritus Mayor Sue Hoopmann (left) is pictured with Clr Zac Miles, North Sydney by-election Liberal candidate Trent Zimmerman, Mayor Richard Quinn and Street Feast organisor Elizabeth Krassoi. Mr Zimmerman hopes to be a strong local voice in a Coalition Government and was praised this week by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. PICTURE BELOW: Save Hunters Hill Municipality activist Aurelia-Sophia Roman, Clr Meredith Sheil and North Sydney by-election candidate MaryAnn Beregi are at the Hunters Hill Street Feast on Saturday night. TWT on-the-spot PHOTOS.



Silvana Nero focus on traffic safety


Christian Democrat’s Silvano Nero will push for traffic solutions to protect children at risk.

She has promised traffic barriers and pedestrian overpasses across the electorate which includes several major schools in Hunters Hill and Lane Cove.

She said it is not acceptable for parents and children to put their lives at risk to get to school and the issue is urgent.

“A reduced speed limit in school zones is not a long-term solution nor does it offer any real protection for our children,” Ms Nero said.

“ We need traffic barriers and pedestrian overpasses, which would allow traffic to once again move efficiently past these protected zones.

“For too long, we have suffered through short-term band aid solutions to Northern Sydney’s traffic problems.

“Matters will only get worse with the construction of the Northern Beaches Bus Rapid Transit unless we act now to implement a long-term and safe solution for Sydney’s traffic congestion.

“I am the only candidate standing who is offering a long-term and safe solution for our roads.

“Your vote will be a vote for traffic barrier fencing between schools and main roads.”