Koreans ‘shocked at absurd plan’

Eastwood Korean Chamber of Commerce has today launched a Petition addressed to Ryde MP Victor Dominello and Transport for NSW seeking more short term car parking in Eastwood.

The Petition is supported by Eastwood Chamber of Commerce and Eastwood’s Chinese community and is in response to the State Government’s proposal to take over the Rowe Street Council car park for a commuter car park.

The State Government’s Transport for NSW plan for the Rowe Street car park is the result of a 2015 election promise by Ryde MP Victor Dominello and then Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian.

They promised an enlarged car park of 288 car spaces but this has turned out to be 239 for railway commuter parking and no more than the existing 49 spaces for short term shopping.

In addition the enlarged car park requires the compulsory acquisition of two adjoining commercial properties 73 and 75 Rowe Street which are owned by two local Korean families.

The Korean Chamber of Commerce position won the endorsement and support of the Eastwood Chamber of Commerce when their president Jason Koh and members addressed the April meeting of the Chamber in the centre court of Eastwood Shopping Centre, pictured.

Jason Koh said his members were “shocked and severely disappointed” when they learnt of the Transport for NSW “absurd and inadequate proposal”.

He said that a multi storey commuter car park in the middle of Rowe Street East in the centre of so-called “Korea Town” would be used mainly by drivers from other areas and not the local community.

“Therefore this will not solve the current short term parking shortage which is a major problem in the area but will only worsen the situation with choking traffic and deterring visitors and consumers from bringing their business to the area.

Jason Koh said his members believed that if Transport for NSW had a genuine interest in a commuter car park a more logical choice would be crown land next to the railway line.

“This way they need not make a forced acquisition of the privately owned lands which may negatively affect businesses”, he said.

And he added: “We also strongly implore Transport for NSW to undertake some serious community consultations before making any important decisions in  future”.


PICTURED: Eastwood Chamber of Commerce April meeting in centre court at Eastwood Shopping Centre was attended by members of the Korean Chamber of Commerce of Eastwood where their president Jason Koh spoke and won support for their fight with Transport of NSW over a commuter car park for Eastwood. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.

Community Leaders meet with Ryde Mayor and Victor Dominello MP

Korean, Chinese and Eastwood Chamber of Commerce and community leaders have met with Ryde Mayor Clr Jerome Laxale and Ryde MP Victor Dominello to discuss the car parking situation in Eastwood.

Members have expressed their concerns and opposition to the commuter car park proposed by the State Government in Rowe Street East and Victor  Dominello has said he will investigate alternative sites and has reiterated his commitment to a commuter car park for Eastwood.


PICTURED: Ryde MP Victor Dominello meeting with representatives of the Korean Chamber of Commerce of Eastwood and the Chinese community to discuss the proposed commuter car park for Eastwood.